Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Skylight and Gutter.

Fiber reinforced polymer roofing and gutter provide the perfect green roof solution and gutter to meet your sustainable building lighting and energy saving requirements.


Why Our FRP?

You no longer have to worry about stable and constant quality for product and services, with following advantages:

  • Versatile

    Our Product offers a wide range of manufacturing and technical capabilities to meet specific needs.

  • High Strength

    durable and shatter resistant. They have a high strength to modulus ratio.

  • Good Weathering Characteristics

    Our FRP panels have `built-in` UV and weather protection.

  • Continuous Line Machine

    With cutting-edge machine from Europe and Japan, resulting in products with high precision and quality.

  • 10 Th Guarante

    Our product warranty is 10 years

  • Difused Light Transmission

    Our FRP panels are translucent panels that provide soft diffused transmitted light.

  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant

    Our FRP remain virtually unaffected in many chemical environments. There`ll be no rust, rot, scale or mildew.

  • Resilient

    Our FRP are naturally resilient and withstand large deflections associated with normal load and impact conditions without suffering damage..



Quality Product is a result of
Quality Process

The machines we use are the latest technology machines from Germany to guarantee a high level of precision and reliable product quality, Every Cellindo Sigmaperkasa's Facilities are using world-class standards for producing best, high quality aluminium foil heat barrier insula┬Čtion products. In all of our facilities, every employees ensure the quality through continuous.


Aging Weathering (XLS Suntest @400m irradience) Equal 1 Years Outdoor.

Testing is carried out in the outdoor for a period of 1 year

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Type Product

The following are several types of Thermal Insulation Aluminum Foils products.

Certification Product

Our Products have passed through various assessments and tests of which are conducted by independent third-party institutions in order to serve our customers the best quality products.